How Students Become Better People at Siena

Posted By Ned Jones | December 2, 2016 students-better-people-preview.jpg

As you're deciding between where to apply or enroll, you're no doubt comparing facts like graduation rates and alumni average salaries. But there's another factor we hope you'll also consider: do the colleges you're interested in produce good people as well? At Siena, that's something we pride ourselves on.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Siena College

Posted By Siena Admissions | November 24, 2016 Thanksgiving_Siena-Preview.jpg

Wherever you're spending this Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy holiday surrounded by family and friends. And we'll leave you with one of our favorite quotes from St. Francis of Assisi to think about around the table this year: "For it is in giving that we receive." 

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10 Instances to Contact Your Admissions Counselor

Posted By Charlieann Chacon | November 21, 2016 Ten_Excuses-Preview.jpg

We hear from students often that contacting an admissions counselor feels like a risky move. But at others, like Siena, not only is it totally okay to contact us, we wish you would! Not sure if you should reach out? Here are 10 instances that are worthy of a call or email (at least at Siena).

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College Admissions Tips From All Walks Of Life

Posted By Paul Acosta | November 16, 2016 Admission_Tips-Preview.jpg

One quick look at this long list of blog post titles and it's easy to see that we love dispensing college advice, straight from our admissions team. But every now and then, we like to branch out of Siena and tap other admissions consultants, college counselors and others for their best admissions tips to share with you. Here's our latest roundup (including advice from a Shark Tank contestant!).

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Five Reasons to Apply Early Action to College

Posted By Katie Szalda | November 8, 2016 Early_Admission-Preview.jpg

For many schools, you don’t have to wait as long as you think to find out if you’d get in. As long as they offer an Early Action option, like Siena does, you can speed up the process by submitting your application (usually in November) to receive a priority review. Not sure if you should strive for that early deadline? Here are five reasons why we think Early Action is a smart move.

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Inside Look: What Does the Close Knit Community Do?

Posted By Paul Acosta | October 28, 2016 Close-Knit-Preview.jpg

The Close Knit Community at Siena College is a tight bunch for sure, but the group's name means more than that: think backstitching, casting on and binding off. When the crafty members comes together—they try to meet once a week on Tuesdays—there's plenty of yarn to go around. 

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15 Tips For Making The Most Of Campus Visits

Posted By Nikki Hogan | October 18, 2016 Make-the-Most-Campus_Preview.jpg

Fall is prime time for college campus visits, which as you probably already know, we're a huge believer in when it comes to deciding where you'll be the happiest. Got your list of tour dates all set? Here's a list of our 15 best tips for getting the most out of each stop. 

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