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How Students Become Better People at Siena

Posted By Ned Jones | December 2, 2016

As  you're deciding between where to apply or where to enroll, you're no doubt comparing facts like graduation rates, average salaries of recent alumni, examples of employers and so on. But there's another factor we hope you'll also consider: do the colleges you're interested in not just produce successful professionals, but good people as well? At Siena College, that's something we really pride ourselves on. 

students-better-people.jpgHere's a little about how we encourage our students to become even better people than they already are when they first start here. We...

... host a number of volunteer service opportunities throughout the year. From the AIDS Walk and Community Service Day to Relay for Life, Red Cross blood drives and more, it's nearly impossible to not get involved in something that serves others. (Check out The Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy and The Center for Academic Community Engagement for more about volunteer opportunities.) 

... take students on service trips to places like Kentucky, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Boston, Jamaica and Alaska. Nothing teaches compassion, humility and empathy like building houses for those less fortunate, feeding the hungry or serving the homeless alongside others who are just as motivated to help as you are.

... are the only higher education institution in New York that has the Bonner Service Leaders program. When students apply to become a Bonner, they're looking to pair their academic interests with their social justice interests while serving 8-10 hours per week at a nonprofit organization in the Capital Region throughout their four years at Siena. It's a pretty incredible experience, which you can learn more about here.

...offer thoughtful courses in our curriculum, especially through the First-Year Seminar. The First-Year Seminar is a two-semester course that encourages freshmen to think outside their majors and reflect on themes ranging from relationships to the meaning of life to war. A few examples we offered this past year: "Exploring Death to Save Your Life," "Women: Their Voices, Their Values, Their Vision" and "Representing Trauma in Literature and Film." Take a look at the full list here.

... surround students with inspiring mentors and role models. Throughout our community, you'll find people—friars, professors, students, staff, guest speakers and more—who truly care about each other and understand what it means when we say Siena is a Franciscan college. No matter your faith, you'll find that being around those who carry out our values of service and our desire to create a more peace world will most certainly help you grow as a caring individual as well.

If you (or your parents) are interested in learning more about how we encourage our students to look at life in different ways and better themselves during their time here, connect with an admissions counselor today. Or, see for yourself and apply now.

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