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Why you should study what you love

Posted By Ned Jones | February 10, 2016 Study what you love

Valentine's Day might have you thinking about who you love, but now is also a great time to think about what you love—and what it is you might want to study in college. Whether your passion is in science, economics, English or history, we're here to tell you that choosing to study something you love can be your smartest career choice.

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Free Guide: Why It's Smart to Enter College As Undecided

Posted By Katie Szalda | January 27, 2016

Is indecision over your intended major keeping you from finalizing your college applications? We hear that a lot. We also know that many students consider putting off attending a four-year college until they figure out what it is they want to study. To you and all of them, we say: read our guide! 

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What We Really Call "Undecided" Students

Posted By Katie Szalda | November 27, 2015 Exploring at Siena College

Not sure what to major in when you head off to college? There are two things you should know. First, you don't have to choose yet! And second, if you're looking for a college where starting out undecided is an exciting thing, look no further. At Siena, we don't even refer to those students as "undecided" or "undeclared." We call them: "exploring." Exploring Science, Exploring Business or Exploring Liberal Arts—because really, being undecided is about being open to discovery.

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7 things to remember when picking a major

Posted By Ned Jones | September 29, 2015

With college applications comes a lot of talk about majors—what you'd like to study, what you should study, what you'll tell potential schools. It can be an overwhelming process, even for those who are 99 percent sure what they want to focus on. Want some help alleviating the pressure? Consider these seven things.

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Meet the tour guides: Hanif Cropper '16

Posted By Nikki Hogan | July 23, 2015

For those just starting out on the college search, you'll find that one of the most exciting things about visiting campuses is meeting students who are just like youand were in your shoes not too long ago. That's why we we love introducing our student ambassadors, who always want to share their Saint pride with prospective students. Up next...

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Catch the replay of our Undecided Live Chat

Posted By Donna Murphy | April 9, 2015

To give prospective students who are interested in enrolling as undecided a better idea of what it's like to explore majors at Siena, we rounded up a few students who did just that and hosted an online live chat with them. Missed it? No problem. We've got the replay!

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Tune in to our Undecided Live Chat

Posted By Donna Murphy | March 19, 2015 Online Chat

If you're thinking of enrolling in Siena College as an undecided business, undecided science or undecided liberal arts major, save this date: March 25. Next Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., we'll be chatting live online about what it's like to be an undecided student at Siena. 

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3 Reasons Why Being Undecided is a Smart Choice

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