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Earn Your Bachelor's *And* An MBA During Your 4 Years Here

Posted By Katie Szalda | April 13, 2018

Great news for high school students interested in business! Siena College recently announced our new MBA program—with options for both graduate students AND undergraduates. Yes, undergrads! Here's the deal. 

17SIEN0350_AprilBlog-MBA-Program-Post-ResizeFirst off, what's an mba?

Unless you've learned about this advanced degree in school, through your family or watching TV, you may not really know what an MBA actually is. An MBA is a master's degree in business administration that prepares students to become leaders in any business they take on in life.

What are the benefits of earning an MBA?

U.S. News & World Report hits the nail on the head in their article, 4 Key Career Benefits From MBA ProgramsThose four key benefits include:

  • Transferable skills. Think leadership, intellectual creativity, analysis and critical thinking, communication and so on. Put it this way: with enhanced skills like those on your resume, employers will take notice and feel much more comfortable relying on you for making smart business decisions.
  • Higher employment rates. The article cites a 2016 poll where a whopping 96 percent of responding employers agreed that hiring business school graduates creates value for their companies.
  • Degree specializations. Sample different industries or career paths during your MBA program—see what you like, where your strengths lie and where you really want to become an expert. 
  • Networking opportunities. This is crucial. The article's author Stacy Blackman writes, "The connections you make are, for many, the single most valuable aspect of the MBA, so make sure you capitalize on the opportunities in and out of the classroom during your MBA studies." 

WHat is siena offering undergrads?

In a very non-traditional, exciting move, Siena is offering undergraduates the opportunity to earn their bachelor's degree and an MBA during their four years here. So if you were to become a Saint, you could earn your B.S. in your 3rd year and an MBA in your 4th year. Not all students will choose the accelerated track, but all students will have the chance to take graduate level courses as they finish their undergraduate degree. 


Our MBA program will feature four tracks of study: Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing and Strategic Management. Each path was created specifically to address workforce demands in national and regional job markets, according to Charles F. Seifert, Ph.D., dean of Siena’s School of Business. (And remember, even if you don't earn an MBA, you can still add several of our business-related concentrations to your degree and/or major in business.)


Siena will begin enrolling students in the program for the fall 2019 semester—which means we're ready and waiting for your questions. Connect with our admissions team whenever you'd like. We're here to help!

Ask us anything!

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