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3 Things We Promise Every Saint

Posted By Katie Szalda | April 13, 2017 Three-Promises_Preview.jpg

It’s not easy to become a Saint. Here at Siena, our admissions process is selective—we look for good people, hard workers and bright thinkers. And because the students we accept have already done so much hard work, it’s only fair that we work hard for them, too. If you were invited to join our Class of 2021, here are three things we promise you. 

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5 Famous People Who Are Currently Siena Students

Posted By Donna Murphy | April 1, 2017 April-Fools_Preview.jpg

We're not the type to brag, but... some pretty well-known names decided to pursue their studies at Siena College. Some already go here, some just made their deposits. We probably shouldn't be revealing their identities, but we're just too stoked not to. Take a look.

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6 Work-Study Jobs at Siena

Posted By Robin Wojcik | March 30, 2017 Work-Study_Preview.jpg

Hoping to secure an on-campus, part-time paid gig while you're at college as part of your financial aid package? If Siena is where you end up, good news: we offer quite a range of opportunities on campus that our students really enjoy. 

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Dear Siena College...Love, Your Students

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | February 14, 2017 valentines-preview.jpg

Oh, Siena. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways... In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked Saints to help us create a love letter to our dear school by answering this question: "If you could tell Siena what you love most about it, what would you say?" (Just go with it.) Here are some responses... 

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Q&A With A Siena Alum (And Founder of Metabolic Meltdown): Matt Phelps '02

Posted By Allison Turcio | January 31, 2017 Matt-Phelps2-preview.jpg

At Siena, our close-knit community doesn’t end after graduation. In fact, we love staying in touch with our thousands of alumni who constantly impress us with their achievements. This month we caught up with Matt Phelps ‘02, who took his English degree to a level that may surprise you...by opening up a gym. Find out how his Siena education and values strongly influence his growing business.

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The Best Things About Attending a Small, Private, Liberal Arts College

Posted By Ned Jones | January 10, 2017 private-college-benefits-preview.jpg

Take a look at your list of potential colleges. Is there a mix of small and large schools, publics and privates, liberal arts and pre-professional choices? Unless you've been certain about the kind of school you belong at from the start, it can be hard to narrow down your list when there are so many differences to consider. Let us help. 

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How Students Become Better People at Siena

Posted By Ned Jones | December 2, 2016 students-better-people-preview.jpg

As you're deciding between where to apply or enroll, you're no doubt comparing facts like graduation rates and alumni average salaries. But there's another factor we hope you'll also consider: do the colleges you're interested in produce good people as well? At Siena, that's something we pride ourselves on.

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