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You know you go to Siena when…

Posted By Allison Turcio | October 17, 2014

Just for fun, we asked current students to complete the sentence “You know you go to Siena when…” Take a look at some of their responses below! Yes, many are inside jokes. But lists like these can often give you a sense of what life is like at a particular college or in a certain region. And as you can see here, Siena students are nothing if not fun, polite, intelligent and tight-knit.

You know you go to Siena when…

…you start telling time by when the Siena Hall bells ring.

…you see friars on rollerblades.

…you lose your voice from cheering so loudly in the Dog Pound.

…during finals week, pizza replaces grains as the chief food group.

…you aren't ready to take your final exams until you attend Blessing of the Brains. 

…you always hold the door for the next person (even if it's for a long/awkward amount of time). 

…you have a personal relationship with your professors and your classmates feel like family.

…you hear someone refer to the dining hall as SAGA

…somebody spills something and everyone drops what they’re doing to help clean it up.

…it’s Chicken Nugget/Wing Friday in Lonnstrom.

…you start referring to grassy areas as beaches. 

…you go to Bruegger's and know 90% of the people in line.

…you know the directions to SPAC like the back of your hand.

Intrigued? See what life is like at Siena first-hand.

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