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The Top Podcasts Every College-Bound High School Student Should Listen To

Posted By Allison Turcio | May 12, 2017
You have a lot of amazing podcasts to choose from out there. From Serial” to We Hate Movies,” podcasting is definitely having a moment. So we dug through and pulled out the ones we wished we’d been listening to when we were thinking about college. They’re fun, funny, informative and topical. Check them out. 
Young women and men should be tuning into this podcast, about finding your voice, respecting the voices and experiences of others, and following your path. Sophia Amoruso interviews women who’ve found success in various aspects of their lives (she calls these women girlbosses”) about work, money, wellness and life in general. This is a fun, accessible way to get acquainted with adulting, figuring out your interests and realizing your potential. 
Just like the website, the Cracked podcast takes on the big questions, issues and ideas, like: Why Millennials are the Greatest Generation, Marketing Lies You’ve Been Duped Into Believing, and 25 Bizarrely Specific Ways Movies Get Reality Wrong. Cracked is both funny and educational, which we all know is the best way to be taught anything. 
There are 17 billion advice podcasts on this planet, but the one we recommend is If I Were You.” The hosts, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, take on a variety of topics—crushes, video games, the Internet, and CATS. Something for everyone. 
Entrepreneurship is at record highs in the United States, in no small part because more and more college students are founding businesses and companies on campuses across the country. On Entrepreneurs on Fire,” you’ll hear interviews with all kinds of different business-runners—from all generations. Got a big idea? Start here. 
If you love pop culture, you’ll love this podcast, which has everything from interviews with Jon Hamm to serious and important conversations about race. They even have a topic section on their website specifically regarding education
Those are our favorites for now. But we’re updating our queues all the time! Send us a note and let us know what you’re listening to. 
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