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Jim Eaton

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7 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Are So Upstate New York

Posted By Jim Eaton | February 2, 2018 Summertime-Capital-Region_Preview.jpg

If you’re thinking about attending college in Upstate New York, social media is a great way to get familiar with the area and learn about what New York is known for besides New York City. Upstate is unique in its own way—from the capital buildings to the Adirondack Mountains, it's honestly an awesome place to study, intern, and have the time of your life in college.

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Here’s What *NOT* to Do on the Optional Essay

Posted By Jim Eaton | January 15, 2018 Net-Price-Calc_Preview-1.jpg
Did you know when you apply to Siena the essay is optional? Seriously! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should skip it. The essay is a great option for students who want to give a more full view of themselves than what can be seen on a transcript and application.
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Five College Search Tips for High School Juniors

Posted By Jim Eaton | March 21, 2017 rsz_1college-search-tips-preview.jpg

Your status as a junior is quickly coming to an end, which means you're so close to saying hello to higher ed. But first, you have to actually find that one perfect college that's right for you. With hundreds of great options to choose from, it's not an easy task but it can certainly be a fun one. Here are some tips to help you construct your college list.

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5 of Siena's Most Unique Course Offerings

Posted By Jim Eaton | April 25, 2016 Unique course offerings at Siena

One of the things our students love best about our course offerings (aside from all classes being faculty-taught; no T.A.s here!) is that in addition to all the staples they'd expect to find in their majors, there are a bunch of interesting classes and seminars that are unique to Siena.

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Should You Apply To ONE More College? How To Decide

Posted By Jim Eaton | March 9, 2016

Once you've submitted applications for all the colleges on your list, like many students, you may find yourself wondering: "Should I apply to just ONE more? Just in case?" The common recommendation is to apply to five to eight colleges, but if that question is on your mind, it can be tough to abide by that rule of thumb.

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Last-Minute Tips for the February 15 Application Deadline

Posted By Jim Eaton | January 8, 2016

If your college applications got put on the backburner this holiday season, it's time to kick your efforts into high gear. The regular admissions deadline for Siena College is February 15—just one month away! Not to worry, that's enough time to get your application in tip-top shape, especially when you have access to some of our best last-minute tips...

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10 Things Your School Counselor Can Help You With

Posted By Jim Eaton | December 14, 2015 10 things your guidance counselor can help you with

With access to your grades, your classes and your extracurriculars, your school counselor can and should play a big role when it comes to finding the right college for you. If you need help with any of these ten college search steps, all you have to do is ask!

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Don't want to write another college application essay?

Posted By Jim Eaton | August 21, 2015

You might not have to! At least not for Siena. We get it: adding college visits and application deadlines to the start of a new school year can have anyone feeling crunched for free time. The good news is, with a previously graded paper, you could be closer to completing your application to Siena than you think.

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