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Nikki Hogan

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15 Tips For Making The Most Of Campus Visits

Posted By Nikki Hogan | October 18, 2016 Make-the-Most-Campus_Preview.jpg

Fall is prime time for college campus visits, which as you probably already know, we're a huge believer in when it comes to deciding where you'll be the happiest. Got your list of tour dates all set? Here's a list of our 15 best tips for getting the most out of each stop. 

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Meet Siena's Summer Tour Guides: Ryan Kelleher '18

Posted By Nikki Hogan | June 16, 2016 Meet Siena's summer tour guides: Ryan Kelleher

Planning to visit Siena soon? Our summer tour guides are ready to show you around our peaceful, suburban campus, which is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Do yourself a favor and make a weekend of it; there's a lot to do in the Capital Region. In the meantime, say hello to one of your potential tour guides, Ryan Kelleher '18.

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Register For A Siena Summer Day

Posted By Nikki Hogan | June 10, 2016 Siena summer day

We've already told you a time (or two), that the Capital Region can't be beat in the summer. That's why we're happy to announce the dates of this year's Siena Summer Days to make sure you get in on the fun.

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Meet the tour guides: Samantha Urbino '18

Posted By Nikki Hogan | October 20, 2015

One of our tour guides, Sam Urbino, has a big confession to make: she didn't fall in love with Siena on her first campus visit. (Gasp! We know...) But the Buffalo, NY native was determined to get as far away as possible from the cold weather. "Snow was up to my ankles. Throughout my tour, I just kept thinking, I don't want to go here," she said. So what happened?

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Meet the tour guides: Jack Hogan '18

Posted By Nikki Hogan | September 25, 2015

The morning breeze on our campus is crisp, the leaves are changing colors and upstate New York is looking as beautiful as ever. If you're thinking about visiting Siena, now's the time to do it—just ask one of our Student Ambassadors who happens to know a thing or two about the area.

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Meet the tour guides: Mary Tabatneck '16

Posted By Nikki Hogan | August 31, 2015

Hopefully by now, you have a few college visits lined up in the coming weeks. It's truly the best way to whittle down your list, and this time of year is perfect for touring campuses. Especially Siena'sThe fall weather is unbeatable, and you'll get to meet current students, professors and, of course, our awesome Student Ambassadors. Speaking of the latter, time to virtually meet another one. 

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