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Faculty roundup: What I love about Siena

Posted By Allison Turcio | November 27, 2014

They’re the ones who will mentor you, cheer you on, grade your papers and impart invaluable life lessons. They’ve got a unique view of what goes on around campus, and they know—perhaps better than anyone—what types of students really flourish at Siena College. Our faculty. Get to know another side of Siena by reading through the quotes below from various faculty members noting what they love most about our school.

Dr. Eric Breimer, Associate Professor of Computer Science: 
“I love Cinderella stories where being a good person and working hard leads to success in life. Siena students care about their community in the spirit of Saint Francis and tackle challenging problems with true grit, which is a great recipe for how to live happily ever after. Also, I love Cinderella stories in NCAA Division I basketball and Siena often gets to dance in March.”
Dr. Max Levine, Associate Professor of Psychology:
“Siena College offers professors the unique opportunity to pursue excellence in both teaching and research, and to actively involve students in each endeavor. Blurring the boundary between the classroom and the laboratory is accepted and encouraged, and allows for the most rewarding faculty-student interactions to be achieved.”
Dr. Leonard Cutler, Professor of Political Science:
“First, last, and always it is about the students. Teaching at Siena gives me the opportunity to get my juices going to interact and engage with my students both inside and outside the classroom. It is refreshing for me to place students in the field in internship experiences and to see them flourish whether it be working with a Senator, member of the Assembly, a governmental agency, a local Judge or Attorney, or for that matter, a not-for-profit advocacy organization.”
Dr. Daniel Moriarty, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry:
“The school has a strong sense of community. We have a strong focus on undergraduate education, both in the classroom and in the lab. The classes are small enough that I get to know all the students. I can see what they are doing well on, and what they need a little extra help with.”
Deborah Kelly, Esq., Associate Professor of Management:
“I love teaching at Siena because I get to know my students on a personal level. Due to small class sizes, my involvement with student clubs, chaperoning international study tours, and my various mentoring and advising activities, I have really gotten to know so many of my students as individuals. I can then better assist them with choosing a career that fits their talents and interests, and I enjoy staying in touch with students even after they graduate.”
James Booker, Professor of Economics:
“In the classroom at Siena I can love nurturing, guiding, and challenging my students as they grow into young professionals ready to go out and take on the world. With small classes and plenty of opportunities out of the classroom to get to know Siena students as individuals, I’m rewarded by seeing all the academic and personal growth which occurs over each student’s undergraduate years.”

Now that you’ve heard from them, learn from them… 

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