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Five reasons to choose Siena by...a psychology student

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | June 1, 2016

Whether you're set on a career in psychology or are just interested in exploring topics like personality and perception, this post will tell you why you should consider Sienafrom the perspective of a recent graduate from one of our most popular programs.

Andrew La Greca '16 Psychology Student

Meet Andrew La Greca '16, who entered Siena undecided before changing his major to psychology. A fresh Siena grad, he told us five reasons why he thinks future psychology majors should choose Siena.

1. "The outstanding faculty: Especially within the Psychology department, the faculty has a lot of experience in the field. One semester, I took Adolescent Psychology with Dr. Paludi, who served as an expert witness in many court cases, including criminal cases, family court cases and sexual harassment lawsuits. By bringing her expertise to the classroom and incorporating real-life scenarios into her teaching, she made us feel like what we were learning mattered."

2. "Psychology Club: It's a great opportunity to meet other psych majors, make connections and participate in fun activities. Every year, for example, the Psych Club hosts a pretty unique llama farm experience. The Psych Club is also involved in service and community interaction—one semester, club members went to a nursing home in Schenectady to spend time with the elderly residentswhich is hugely important at Siena."

3. "Small class sizes: At Siena, you truly are a person to your professor, not just a number. In fact, professors at Siena keep track of their students' progress and do everything they can to make sure each student receives the attention they need to succeed. I came from a large high school where classes were full, with about 40 students in the room, so when I got to college and rarely had even 30 students in class, it was like a culture shock—in a good way!"

4. "Access to people and resources: With around 3,000 students, it's easy to run into a familiar face on campus, but also to meet new people. And because Siena only has one graduate program, every resource the school has can be used by the undergraduates, which is something many other schools don't offer."

5. "Opportunities for getting involved: Siena offers its students so many opportunities to get involved. I was a musician in the Pep Band and involved in Campus Ministry, I gave campus tours as a Student Ambassador and I helped launch the Spanish Club. I also got to study abroad in Valencia, Spain and enjoyed every second of it. With all of the opportunities that Siena offers, I can firmly say my decision to become a Saint was the right one."

If you're interested in studying psychology, tell us now. We'll send more information your way soon!

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