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Five Reasons to Choose Siena By...An Entrepreneur

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | September 29, 2016
Just because we often share examples of the top companies Saints intern and work for (Google, NASA, Walt Disney World, to name a few), it doesn't mean you won't find entrepreneurs here. With resources like our Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and our minor in entrepreneurship, it's very common to run into a self-starter at Siena who is brimming with ideas and motivation. 

Meet Jennifer Hogan, Class of 2017. A computer science major and entrepreneurship minor from Castleton, NY, Jennifer has a passion for dancing that inspired her and a few peers to create a phone app on dance choreography. Learn more about it in her five reasons why she thinks entrepreneurs like herself should choose Siena.

1. Resources to develop your own business. "Because of Siena’s growing entrepreneurship program, I was able to co-found TeachMe, a mobile app that helps others become more proficient in their passions. Since its development in 2015, my team and I have met with industry professionals, were invited to the New York State Business Plan Competition finals, and were able to grow our business strategy and incorporate as Delaware LLC through the first iteration of Siena's Stocchetti Summer Accelerator program. The Stack Center has played such a crucial role in assisting TeachMe grow from an idea to a business, and we could not be more excited for what is to come."

2. Small size = amazing opportunity. "Siena's small campus means that each student has the opportunity to create relationships with faculty. Knowing my professors and having them know me on a personal level has allowed me to participate in two independent studies thus far, Scientific Programming and Entrepreneurship. The faculty here really goes out of their way to ensure that you are not just a number, which is essential for nurturing your passion and accessing industry connections."

3. There is something here for everyone. "Our array of clubs and activities on campus allows students to not only connect with like-minded peers, but it also allows students to explore clubs they did not know existed. I am the Vice President of Chaotick (Siena’s Hip-Hop Club) and the Vice Chair of Women in Computer Science club, and I'm involved in Pep Band, the Commuter Student Association and Entrepreneurship club. I was also an orientation leader the past two years. I have met so many amazing people who have really made my Siena experience memorable."

4. An inspiring community. "The environment at Siena is incredibly supportive and positive. This leads to academic success and social growth, but also the ability to develop as a person. Holding doors for others is a huge part of being a Siena student, and when you go to the outside world and continue to maintain this culture, it stands out to people, and can truly make someone’s day."

5. Siena has a great reputation. "Employers, family, community members and strangers know the values that Siena has and that the school produces incredible individuals. It is also great to see how extremely active alumni are within the Siena Community. Whether connected directly or not, people know about Siena, and you can tell if someone is a Siena student."

Think you've got what it takes to land you a spot on Shark Tank one day? Start your journey at Siena. It never hurts to apply early!

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