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Meet the tour guides: Jack Hogan '18

Posted By Nikki Hogan | September 25, 2015

The morning breeze on our campus is crisp, the leaves are changing colors and upstate New York is looking as beautiful as ever. If you're thinking about visiting Siena, now's the time to do it—just ask one of our Student Ambassadors who happens to know a thing or two about the area.

Meet the tour guides: Jack Hogan '18

Introducing Jack Hogan...a second-year student at Siena. He's a Saratoga Springs native, but being on our campus has shown him just how appealing this region is to college students.

When did you first visit Siena? What was your impression of our school then?

I first visited Siena when I was a junior in high school. My mom always thought that Siena would be a perfect fit for me because of how close to home and small the campus is. I immediately loved it. First, we walked around and explored, but soon after we took a tour. The tour helped me understand what programs Siena offers and once I left for home, I knew where I wanted to go.

You’re from Saratoga Springs. What’s one thing being a student at Siena made you realize about Upstate NY that you hadn’t noticed before?

My hometown, Saratoga Springs, is only 35 minutes away from Siena. I am geographically close to home, but I still feel very independent. Even though I have lived in upstate New York my whole life, one thing I didn't notice until I got to Siena was the fact that people want to come to college in this part of the country. I have friends from California, Mexico, Arizona and all around the world that chose to come to college here.

What is your favorite part about being a Student Ambassador?

My favorite part about being a Student Ambassador is sharing my experiences with prospective students. I was nervous coming to college, but once I got here, I realized there was nothing to worry about. I like helping prospective students realize that Siena can be a place for them to grow and make lifelong friends.

We've heard you're a big Mets fan. And that after the first few weeks at Siena, you realized you could dress casually and wear your Mets gear around campus! What do you think that says about Siena students?

When I was in fourth grade I went to my first Mets game and I never looked back! One thing that is nice about Siena is that most kids dress however they want to and nobody judges them for it. The first few weeks everybody tries to dress up, but once you settle into your classes, you realize you can wear sweatpants and a Mets shirt. I think we're very lucky to go to a college where  kids don't judge people based on what they wear.

What’s your go-to study spot on campus?

When I really need to buckle down and study, I always go to the top floor of the library. It's always silent up there, so I can really focus.

Have any advice for students interested in Siena?

I would tell prospective students to sit in on a class, and get a feel for the average class size. Also, take notice of how our professors conduct class. When I did that, I realized that I liked the class sizes, which helped me make the decision to come here.

Finish this sentence: I knew Siena was right for me when…?

...I first came to campus with my mom and saw the students playing Frisbee on the quad. It seemed like everybody got along with everybody else.

Finish this sentence: You know you're at Siena when...?

...everybody is polite, holds doors for you and is willing to help you whenever you need it.

Come see our campus through your own eyes—with Student Ambassadors like Jack leading the tour, of course.

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