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Open House Vs. Campus Tour: Which One Should You Choose?

Posted By Nikki Hogan | September 16, 2016

Our admissions counselors would agree that more than one visit to schools you're interested is the way to gobut if your calendar is jam-packed, which type of visit should you choose?

Campus-Tour.jpgIf you're looking for a more in-depth visit:

Open Houses typically allow you to experience the college so much more than just a campus tour—and if you have the time, the more immersive your visit, the better. At Siena's Open Houses, you get to chat with a variety of students (not just your tour guide), see a full display of clubs and organizations, follow a personalized agenda based on your interests, meet with faculty, sit down with financial aid staff and enjoy a free lunch. (Want to reserve your spot at our Open House on October 9? Register now.)

Of course, if you're unable to make a school's Open House dates, you should still schedule a campus visit, whether that means a tour, a chat with a counselor or other event designed for prospective students (like Siena's Design Your Own Days). While Open Houses may be the best option for you, admissions counselors like to see that you've at least made some sort of visit. And trust us, you will enjoy yourself... it's an exciting process!

If you're looking for a quick intro to college:

A tour is a good way to get a glimpse of the colleges on your list, before you narrow down your selections. Later on, when you have just a few in mind, that's when you'll want to dig in a little deeper with an Open House or similar event. Tours are quick; they usually last about an hour and are most often student-led, so even though you'll be in and out, you'll still get to hear about the college from someone who was in your shoes, be able to ask questions and see the highlights of the campus. 

Want to experience an Open House at Siena? Well, what do you know: we have one coming up on October 9. Reserve your spot now! And while you're at it, revisit this blog post, Will Attending an Open House Give You an Edge? Or, go ahead and schedule a campus tour. Our guides love meeting new people.

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