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Scholarship Opportunities for Transfer Students (At Siena & Beyond)

Posted By Allison Turcio | March 28, 2018 17SIEN0350_Blog-Preview-07-Scholarships-for-transfer-students.png

Transferring to a new school... perhaps Siena? Whether you've just spent two years at a community college or you've decided to switch to a more perfect four-year fit, you no doubt want to make the move as seamless as possible and check off all the right boxes in the transfer process. One thing you definitely want to be aware of? Transfer scholarships. Yes, they exist!

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High School Juniors & Parents, This Event Is For You

Posted By Allison Turcio | March 26, 2018 junior-jump-start-preview.png

With senior year fast approaching, it's time for high school juniors—and your parents—to start thinking about college. The majors, the internships, the lifetime memories, the cost—all of it. Want the inside scoop? Come to Siena's Junior Jumpstart event on Thursday, April 5 or Monday, April 16 from 12:45 p.m. to 4 p.m. to learn crucial info and advice on the whole process. 

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9 Reasons Nurses Need Their B.S. In Nursing (Infographic) 

Posted By Jen Sloan | March 19, 2018 nursing-infographic-preview.png

Registered nurses are going back to school in droves to earn their B.S. in Nursing—and for good reason. From the career opportunities it opens up to the advanced skills you'll learn to take better care of your patients, earning a B.S. in Nursing is one of the smartest decisions you could make for yourself and for your passion in health care. Here's why. 

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Save The Dates: Siena's Accepted Students Days 2018

Posted By Dale Taylor | March 12, 2018 ASD-preview.png

Hey, future Saints. What are you doing on April 6, 13, 20, 23 or 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.? Going on a scavenger hunt at Siena College with your future best friends, roommates and peers. That's what you're doing. It's Accepted Students Day time, and we've designed an event to remember.

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Siena's Student Interns Share Their Best Tips & Insights

Posted By Marie Nocella | March 9, 2018 siena-intern-preview.png

Ensuring that every single student experiences a meaningful internship is something we take seriously at Siena—so much so, that we created an Office of Internships that acts as a clearing house for all things interning. (If you haven't already, meet our Director of Interships Alica Pepe!) At our most recent annual Student Internship Panels, various Saints shared their thoughts and tips. Here's what they said.

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5 Places to Go on a Date in the Capital Region

Posted By Katie Szalda | February 14, 2018 17SIEN0350_Blog-Preview-03-5-Places-To-Go-on-a-date.png

As much as your parents probably wish you'd only focus on academia during college, let's face it, you may just find your soulmate too. (Ever hear of Paolo and Paulina?) That said, should you become a Siena College student in the coming years, you should know that there are some pretty great spots around the 518 to go on a first date. In honor of Valentine's Day, we rounded up a few of our favorites. 

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