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Saints Abroad: Devon Geelan in Denmark

Posted By Allison Turcio | March 8, 2017

Hej from Copenhagen, Denmark!

My name is Devon Geelan and I am studying Graphic Design with DIS for the spring of my junior year. When looking at colleges I was the first one to ask about study abroad on every tour.


I knew I wanted to gain more than just a tourist perspective, and with DIS courses I would be engaging with businesses, design software, and studying art in historic museums across Europe.  The choice seemed to fall together perfectly, and now that I’m here I am beginning to see why Denmark has consistently ranked one of the happiest places in the world.

While I am studying Danish, I am lucky Danes are taught English at a young age. My housing is called a Kollegium, which is similar in some ways to an American dorm. My hall neighbors are all Danish students from various Universities, and they’ve helped me learn to buy groceries, as well as how to navigate our shared kitchen. In addition to meeting locals my age, DIS offers a ‘visiting host’ program, which has turned out to be one of the sweetest treats of my trip. While I live in my own space with other students, my host mom and 12-year- old host sister give me insight to family life in Denmark. The pair is eager to show me their favorite parts of Copenhagen including bike riding, royal gardens and the historic Amusement Park, Tivoli.

Saints Abroad: Devon Geelon in Denmark

We are given two guided travel weeks built into our schedule which every meal, museum and amenity is planned. This gives us the opportunity to travel without the stress of planning and additional cost. My first trip I spent a week touring historic sights in Aarhus and Odense – other notable Danish cities with fellow graphic design students. In just a few weeks we will be heading to Amsterdam for our second trip as a class. In addition to travel integrated
classes, every Wednesday we take field studies to local businesses, schools and sights around Copenhagen. One assignment I am most excited for is creating a promotional video for a local Pie shop in my digital marketing course. The free pie is a definite plus!  

In my experience the high quality of life in Denmark can be attributed to work life balance, a strong welfare system and freedom of the youth. I am intrigued to continue embracing this culture and learning what it means to be Dane.  

See you soon Saints! -Devon

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