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Three Reasons to Revisit Campuses as An Accepted Student

Posted By Charlieann Chacon | February 29, 2016

Got a few acceptance letters over the past few weeks? Congratulations! Now that you've received the decisions you were hoping for, the fun part of the college application process can really begin—and that's revisiting campuses. Before you think, "Nah, don't have to," hear us out. These are three reasons it's SO important to circle back to the schools you've been accepted to.

Revisit campuses as an accepted student1. Your POV is completely different now. When you first visited campuses, you were probably trying to absorb as much as possible all at once (including these five things). And back then, you weren't sure if you'd even get in. Now that you're an accepted student, you can roam the campus without the pressure of having to complete your application weighing you down—and with all the excitement of knowing, 'Hey, this school wants me!' You can now focus on the things that matter most to you, and really try to imagine yourself living there. This is the fun part!

2. You'll be surrounded by other accepted students. If you choose to revisit campuses for their official Accepted Student Day events (which you absolutely should!), you'll be among people who could potentially end up being your peers, your friends and, who knows, maybe even your future roommates. It also helps to test your fit among the kinds of students that may enroll there, in case you're still deliberating between a few choices.

3. It's the best way to make your final decision. Speaking of choices, there's no better way to chop your list down to the final one than by revisiting each. It's as simple as that. By going back to only the schools you were accepted to, you'll be able to make side-by-side comparisons of how you felt, what you saw, what you loved and what you disliked from each revisit—all leading you to decide on the best fit for you.

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