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4 Signs You Should Get Your Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

Posted By Katie Szalda | August 2, 2017

Right now we’re in the middle of a significant healthcare shift. As the details of the Affordable Care Act are renegotiated in Congress, and as new technological and medical advances arrive every single day, nurses—and all medical professionals—need to be resilient, well-trained and highly adaptable. A bachelor’s in nursing can help with all of those things.

You've already decided nursing is for you. So is a bachelor's program (or better yet, a dual-degree program) the way to go?


Here are four signs you should go to college for a degree in nursing.

1. You’re ambitious. 

Do you see yourself running the show someday? Heading up a hospital or a department? Most nursing leadership positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. (And there's actually a nationwide push for more nurses to hold a bachelor's in general.)

2. You want to make some dough. 

On average, nurses with their bachelor’s degrees make about $30,000 more annually than nurses who don’t. With a dual-degree program (like the one we offer at Siena), you earn two degrees—an associate's and a bachelor of science degree in nursing, in one seamless program.

3. You want a flexible career. 

RNs may find themselves bumping into barriers when they apply for different positions within a hospital or institution. Many administrations look for a bachelor's-prepared nurse when filling positions—especially in management. If you're looking to jump right into the workforce after graduation, why wait to earn your bachelor's? 

4. You’re passionate about caring for people. 

Although you still have plenty to learn about what it takes to be a nurse, you clearly know it's a career that suits your personality. Pursuing a degree in nursing during your undergraduate years can give you a deeper understanding of liberal arts and medical practices related to R.N. training but still critical to the business of healing. Understanding the day-to-day duties of the job is important, of course. But so is keeping in mind the bigger-picture ideas of what it means to be a healthcare professional.  

Those are just a handful of reasons getting your bachelor's in nursing might be the perfect thing for you. Still unsure? At Siena, we offer a four-year program for nurses that equips you with both an associate's and a bachelor's degree. Let us give you some more details. 



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