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Why you should want small classes

Posted By Ned Jones | August 25, 2015

"You'll get hands-on experience in small classes..." "You'll be taught by world-class faculty in small classes..." "You'll love our small classes..." If you couldn't already tell, small classes are a BIG thing for college admissions counselors to promote to prospective students. We've been asked a few times why small classes are so important, often by people who like the idea of meeting a lot of new people. 

Why you should want small classes

Here's why our admissions counselors love telling high school students and potential transfers about our average class size (21) and our low student/faculty ratio (12:1), and why you should care. 

You'll receive personal attention. A 12:1 student/faculty ratio means that for every 12 students, there's one professor. In the college world, that's low—and that's a fantastic thing. With a low ratio and small classes, professors can pay closer attention to each individual student. Your professors will get to know your strengths, your weaknesses and what motivates you. They'll see to it that you're learning at the right pace for you and make sure you're getting something valuable out of your class. 

You'll be held accountable. Even the most diligent students sometimes choose to miss a class or can accidently zone out when someone across an auditorium-sized room is asking a question. Not here. Because you'll be sitting in a small class, your peers and professor will know you by name. They'll know when you're absent, and can spot when someone is lost on a topic. In other words, you'll want to show up, work hard and pay attention. (Parents, you have to love that...)

Your professors will remember you. At Siena, something our faculty is particularly exceptional at is recognizing and cultivating each student's unique talents, and the small classes help them remember you and your talents when big opportunities come up. If a department is looking for a research assistant, or a top company is looking for an intern with certain capabilities, our professors know which of their students would be perfect for the position. That's something schools with really big classes just can't compete with.

You'll have more fun. It's true! Smaller classes enable conversations to more freely flow between everyone there. You don't have to shout or be overshadowed by others; your voice will be heard and you'll get to know your peers so much better. And when everyone is engaged, thoughtfully discussing the lecture and joking around with one another, going to class can be so much fun.

There are plenty more reasons why small classes can make your college experience more rewarding, but let us tell you them in person. If you haven't already, plan your visit today. We look forward to showing you around.


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