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Ned Jones

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The Best Things About Attending a Small, Private, Liberal Arts College

Posted By Ned Jones | January 10, 2017 private-college-benefits-preview.jpg

Take a look at your list of potential colleges. Is there a mix of small and large schools, publics and privates, liberal arts and pre-professional choices? Unless you've been certain about the kind of school you belong at from the start, it can be hard to narrow down your list when there are so many differences to consider. Let us help. 

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How Students Become Better People at Siena

Posted By Ned Jones | December 2, 2016 students-better-people-preview.jpg

As you're deciding between where to apply or enroll, you're no doubt comparing facts like graduation rates and alumni average salaries. But there's another factor we hope you'll also consider: do the colleges you're interested in produce good people as well? At Siena, that's something we pride ourselves on.

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7 Things You May Not Know About Private Colleges

Posted By Ned Jones | September 9, 2016 Know-About-Private-College_Preview.jpg

Going back and forth on whether to apply to private or public colleges? Since Siena is a private college, it'd sound a little too biased for us to come right out and say private is the way to go—after all, it's very possible to get a wonderful education at various types of institutions. What we can do is share with you a few facts and benefits about private colleges that may be of interest to you.

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Siena Scores Three New Rankings on Money.com

Posted By Ned Jones | July 27, 2016

Affordability, value and return on investment: we know how strongly these factors come into play when you're researching colleges and making your final decision. That's why we couldn't be more excited to share that Siena has been named one of the MONEY® 100 Best Colleges 2016-2017.

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Why Liberal Arts Majors Excel At Digital Companies

Posted By Ned Jones | March 11, 2016

As you probably already know, Siena is a liberal arts college at its core. Yes, we offer courses on coding, on programming and how to analyze data. (In fact, we have countless successful graduates whose technological skills have led them to very lucrative careers.) But as important as technology is to us, we will never stop promoting the importance of a liberal arts-based education.

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Why you should study what you love

Posted By Ned Jones | February 10, 2016 Study what you love

Valentine's Day might have you thinking about who you love, but now is also a great time to think about what you love—and what it is you might want to study in college. Whether your passion is in science, economics, English or history, we're here to tell you that choosing to study something you love can be your smartest career choice.

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Who is Siena College looking for?

Posted By Ned Jones | October 12, 2015

As a high school student who's higher ed-bound, you probably spend a good amount of your time right now thinking about which colleges you should apply to. It's no secret that there are a lot of truly great colleges out there, but what will ensure your happiness over the next four years is distinguishing which ones—out of all the ones you're thinking about—are right for you. Let us help!

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7 things to remember when picking a major

Posted By Ned Jones | September 29, 2015

With college applications comes a lot of talk about majors—what you'd like to study, what you should study, what you'll tell potential schools. It can be an overwhelming process, even for those who are 99 percent sure what they want to focus on. Want some help alleviating the pressure? Consider these seven things.

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