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5 Famous People Who Are Currently Siena Students

Posted By Donna Murphy | April 1, 2017

We're not the type to brag, but... some pretty well-known names decided to pursue their studies at Siena College. Some already go here, some just made their deposits. We probably shouldn't be revealing their identities, but we're just too stoked not to. Take a look.April-Fools_Post.jpg1. Katniss Everdeen. Hailing from District 12 (we think maybe that's somewhere in Florida?), Katniss is currently a junior social work major and founder of the Archery Club. When she's not studying, shooting arrows or involved in something at the Sister Thea Bowman Center for Women, she's in the dining hall. Always hungry, that one...

2. Eleven. A very gifted young girl with psychokinetic abilities, Eleven is joining the Class of 2021 as an Exploring Science student. (She doesn't, however, want to spend any time in lab rooms.) Also, if you're craving Eggo waffles, she plans on hoarding them in her dorm room.

3. Tina Belcher. Tina is a core member of our English Society, where she can freely share her creative fan fiction. While the sophomore English major has considered trying out for our Dance Team, she's been a little busy driving home to Ocean City, New Jersey to help out at her father's burger joint.

4. Daryl Dixon. Slightly older (and dirtier) than the rest of our students, Daryl enrolled in Siena to major in American Studies and minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Our awesome basketball team keeps begging him to join, but he prefers hanging out in the woods or exploring the Capital Region on motorcycle.  

5. Harry Potter. Believe it or not, the wizard we all know and love is dropping everything to become a Saint. He heard about our Qudditch Club and is also intrigued by the Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He was a little picky about which residence hall he wanted to be in, but ultimately decided they're all pretty sweet.

And that concludes this year's April Fools post! But seriously, if you want to join a community of incredible people, this is the time to do it.

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