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Donna Murphy

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5 Tips to Make the Most of Summer Campus Visits

Posted By Donna Murphy | July 5, 2017 Make the most of summer campus visits

Some say the most ideal seasons to visit colleges are the fall, winter or spring when campuses are abuzz with activity. And while it's certainly true that those times are best for seeing a college in full action, it doesn't mean a summer visit can't be useful.

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5 Famous People Who Are Currently Siena Students

Posted By Donna Murphy | April 1, 2017 April-Fools_Preview.jpg

We're not the type to brag, but... some pretty well-known names decided to pursue their studies at Siena College. Some already go here, some just made their deposits. We probably shouldn't be revealing their identities, but we're just too stoked not to. Take a look.

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Customize Your Major With Any of These Concentrations

Posted By Donna Murphy | February 23, 2017 concentrations-preview.jpg

When an employer sifts through résumé after résumé of communications majors, do you think one that says "communications major with a concentration in sports and services marketing" would stand out from the rest? We do. And that's why we're excited to share that the new concentrations offered through our School of Business aren't just for business majors.

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Food Talk: Where Siena Students Take Their Parents To Dinner

Posted By Donna Murphy | February 17, 2017 parents-dinner-preview.jpg

One thing Siena students never have to worry about in the Capital Region is finding really good food—something that's probably important to you as a prospective student, right? So, we bring you a new series to our blog: Food Talk. In our first of the series, check out a few places Siena students like to take their parents to dinner when they come to visit.

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5 Things to Love About Upstate New York in the Winter

Posted By Donna Murphy | December 12, 2016 winter-upstate-preview-1.jpg

If there's one thing we love about life in the Northeast, it’s the four seasons. Which, obviously, means winter must come. But we’re here to tell you those few months of colder days are actually a lot of fun for college students. Check out these five reasons why we love this time of year in Upstate New York:

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