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Advice for campus visits: What to take home with you

Posted By Katie Cooney Lesko | July 7, 2015

Last month, we helped you prepare for college visits with a list of questions to ask professors if you get the chance to meet faculty. Now, we want to help you beef up your college-decision folders with the items you should be taking home with you post-visit. (If you don't have folders set aside for each of the schools on your list, get to it! It's the best way to keep your notes, applications and other materials organized.)

Advice for campus visits: What to take home with you

On your visit, you should collect...

Campus publications. As you're passing through hallways, lobbies, cafes and classrooms, keep an eye out for anything that's written by students, or made directly available to them. Student-run newspapers and campus-wide magazines paint an authentic picture of life on campus, and can shed light on the things that are important to the student body (your potential classmates!).

Town newspapers. While you're visiting, grab a copy of the local paper for a peak at what's going on in the area. If you're at Siena, make a quick stop at Stewart's and reach for the Times Union or Daily Gazette. (We've told you before that job opportunities in the Capital Region are booming, but scan the business section to see for yourself.)

Admissions materials. They may not be filled with student life articles and awesome campus event announcements, but if the admissions office has it, you can bet it's important for college searchers like you. Admissions brochures, pamphlets, FAQs and checklists are sure to be accurate, and can be especially helpful when you're narrowing down your schools later on. (Think how easy it will be when you have everything you need laid out right in front of you.)

Admissions counselor contact information. Get in the habit of taking business cards from any counselors you speak with on campus. You never know how valuable your connection to a counselor can be throughout the admissions process—and it doesn't hurt to have someone who can answer your questions as they come.

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