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Faculty Roundup Part 2: What I Love About Siena

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | February 3, 2017

At Siena, your professors will do more than just instruct you. They will mentor you, cheer you on and happily give you the skills needed for success. But what really makes our faculty so special is that they clearly love working here, which can make all the difference in the way they teach. Here’s why a few various faculty members choose to be at Siena (and check out part one here!).


Rebecca E. Taylor, Associate Professor of Creative Arts
There’s a strong sense of community at Siena that’s evident in and out of the classroom. Our students are competitive, but they clearly support and inspire one another. I find the small class size fosters a spirit of camaraderie that enhances our group productions, and allows professors to work one-on-one with students to further their career goals.”

Dr. Duane A. Matcha, Professor of Sociology
“I love teaching at Siena for a number of reasons. Siena offers all us the opportunity to grow intellectually and personally. It’s immensely gratifying to witness the transformation of students as they progress through their college career. Witnessing their intellectual growth in the classroom reinforces my belief in what I do. It’s the daily interactions that reflect a level of respect between students and faculty, such as holding a door open for the next person or saying thank you when I hand out an exam.”

Dr. Marcela T. Garces, Associate Professor of Spanish
“I enjoy working with students in small classes where I get to know them. I form close mentoring relationships with my students by helping them do independent research and working with them on post-graduation plans. I also like working with faculty in other disciplines and serving on college-wide committees to make positive changes on campus for faculty and students.”

Dr. Wendy A. Pojmann, Professor of History
“Siena students and faculty inspire me each day. My students are full of energy and ideas. They challenge me to keep learning as I seek to impart my knowledge and skills to them. I enjoy our discussions inside and outside the classroom and know I am fortunate to have the chance to foster lasting intellectual connections with them. My Siena colleagues also enrich my life through our professional and personal relationships. I count several faculty members among my closest friends.”

Dr. Gregory T. Byrnes, Assistant Professor of Biology
“Our small class sizes and laboratory-intensive curriculum allows more 1-on-1 interactions between students and faculty. As a result, we more directly see our students’ growth both in the classroom and as people.”

Dr. John S. Burkey, Professor of Philosophy
“Siena has many levels of community. One is the Department level where I have the great fortune to associate on a continuing basis with extremely dedicated and talented teacher-scholars. Another level is the community that has the opportunity to develop each semester between professors and students, thanks to small class sizes. Education at Siena on both levels is a face to face, personal, concernful process.”

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