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Five reasons to choose Siena by...a women's soccer player

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | October 16, 2015

Think you may want to play a sport in college? Read what one student-athlete thinks about Siena, and why she loves being on a team here.

You've heard from a psychology student, an Alaskan, and a transfer. This month, hear about Siena from the POV of a women's soccer player, Madison Vasquez. The sophomore and Exploring Business major narrowed down her favorite things about being a Saint to five key points. Take a look:

Madison Vasquez1. "Sense of family: Being on the Siena women’s soccer team gives me the feeling of having a family away from my actual family. Everyone loves and cares for each other so much—the athletic staff,the strength and conditioning coaches, the trainers, coaches and the girls I play with every day. The Siena programs are run by goodhearted people who want to see you succeed. It makes it easy to want to be here and on the field every day."

2. "Friendship: Going away to school can be a huge leap forward for a lot of people and you can have a lot of different emotions...it can be hard to tell if you like it or not. Joining a sports team makes it so much easier, especially if you’re worried about making friends. Being on the women’s soccer team I automatically made about 50 friends because our team and the men's soccer team are so close. It also gets you closer to the other sports teams. It’s nice not worrying about who’s going to talk to me or sit with me at lunch."

3. "Ability to be successful: One of the main reasons I chose Siena was for the small classrooms. They allow for more personal relationships with the professors, who really want to get to know you and want you to be successful. They always remind us that they are there to help; you just have to meet them halfway. They encourage us to attend office hours, so we can better understand the material and do well in class."

4. "Security: Siena's campus really makes me feel safe. The small size of the school plays a big factor in this, as does the town around us. The Franciscan aspect of Siena contributes to that feeling, too. Knowing I can always go to the friars, go to the chapel or visit the Grotto makes me feel secure and safe on campus."

5. "Reputation: Siena has a great reputation. I've honestly never heard anything negative about it! A few alumni were teachers in my high school, and they would tell me about how great their experiences were and how much they loved it. Even my parents would ask around to see what people they knew thought about this school and once again, they only heard positive things. I am so happy to be a student-athlete here at Siena College."

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