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Free Guide: Private vs. Public, Which One is Right for You?

Posted By Donna Murphy | October 21, 2017


In the college search process, one of the major things to consider before you hit the “apply” button is:

Should you attend a private or a public school?  

If you’re unsure about the differences and benefits to each, that can feel like a tough choice.

In Private vs. Public: Which One is Right for You?, you and your parents will learn what’s unique about both public and private schools, helping you ask the right questions when you speak with admissions counselors and tour campuses during the search for the perfect fit.

You’ll find out:

  • The truth behind which is “better” (hint: neither one is!)
  • How to determine the atmosphere that suits your personality and learning style
  • Sticker price versus affordability: financial aid terms you’ll need to know
  • Questions to ask yourself and your admissions counselor
  • Who to contact for more information

Think this stuff might be helpful to know? Download your free copy and jot a few things down—this information will go a long way in your college search process. Oh, and there’s a quiz inside. Prepping you for college life already!

Download the Guide


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