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Not-Your-Average Spring Break Ideas

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | March 23, 2016

No plans for your upcoming spring break? No matter if you're a junior or senior in high school, our admissions team has a few ideas that are fun, affordable and perhaps most important, safe. (We promise: only one has to do with the college-search process!)

Spring break ideasDuring this year's spring break, you could...

...take advantage of your hometown. It won't be long before you're away at college, and believe it or not, you'll miss your neck of the woods. Take this time to explore local museums you haven't been to, restaurants you haven't tried yet and parks you've never walked through. With nowhere you have to be, you may see your hometown in a fresh new light.

...tour your home state. Gas up for a spontaneous road trip to your state's capital, or plan a quick getaway to the closest beach. It may not be warm enough to swim, but a little salt air can help you wash away the winter blues and refresh for the home stretch of the school year.

...apply for a summer job. If you're looking to make some money this summer, now's the time to explore job postings and get a head start on applying before college students return home.

...get creative. Tap into those Pinterest boards you've been pinning to, work on a dorm-friendly photo collage or draft plans for the million-dollar invention you've been dreaming up. Whatever it is, let your creative juices flow—you never know what could come of your passions. (A major you love, perhaps?)

...visit campuses. Most colleges will have already had spring break, so you'll get the chance to speak with faculty and current students to get a real feel for campus life. If you visit Siena, make a weekend of it. There's so much to do here!

...be productive. We don't mean work on your application essay. (Spring break, after all, is your chance to relax.) But you may want to think about volunteering your time somewhere, even just for a couple days. Check out volunteermatch.org to find some opportunities near you.

...spend quality time with family. Whether you're heading off to college this August or next, there will come a time when you'll miss being around your family. Make dinner, host game night or plan a Netflix marathon to soak up family time while you can.

Whatever you choose to do this break, make sure it's something you enjoy. And if you're curious how Siena College students spend their time off, look how far they go.

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