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10 Instances to Contact Your Admissions Counselor

Posted By Charlieann Chacon | November 21, 2016

We  hear from students often that contacting an admissions counselor feels like a risky move. At some schools, that may be true. But at others, like Siena, not only is it totally okay to contact us, we wish you would! As long as you have a good reason to do so, connecting with our team shows that you're doing your homework and are seriously considering our school... and we love knowing that. Not sure if you should reach out? Here are 10 instances that are worthy of a call or email (at least at Siena).Ten_Excuses.jpg1. You want to schedule a more personalized visit. Coming for a tour and really want to check out the chemistry labs while you're on campus? Let the admissions team know. Most counselors will be happy to arrange a visit that's tailored to your interests. (At Siena, check out our Design Your Own Days.)

2. You have a question about the application. Maybe you're unclear on whether or not you need to submit your SAT score or are having a web issue with the online application; whatever it is, definitely ask for help.  

3. You have a question about your application. This is a tricky one, but use your discretion. While admissions counselors can't always give you an update on the status of your app (we'd be handling a lot of phone calls), we can help you if you think maybe you missed something or your app didn't properly go through. 

4. You'd like to know more about the school (that you can't find out online). Stats, class sizes, student clubs—there are plenty of things you can easily learn about on a school's website, but if you have questions like, What kind of student really thrives here? or Is the atmosphere more competitive or collaborative?ask away.

5. You'd like to be connected to... a political science professor to talk more about that department, or, say, a student who hails from really far away. It's worth a shot to see if your admissions counselor can put you in touch with someone who you know who would be a big help in your search process. 

6. You have an exciting update. Won a major academic award? Got asked to speak at a national conference? If something happens in your senior year that you really want noted on the application you already submitted, it's perfectly okay to let your admissions counselor know. 

7. You made a mistake. Whether you checked off the wrong box or sent in the wrong materials, mistakes happen. Make sure to carefully explain what went wrong, and have your solution ready. 

8. You got wait-listed. If you have questions about what being wait-listed means, be in touch. It's also a good idea to schedule another visit with the team, to show your continued interest in the school of your dreams. 

9. You're concerned about... the fact that you don't see your intended major in the list of majors, or you can't find a student club you were really hoping to see? Don't toss a school off your list before contacting the admissions team to discuss your concerns. Who knows: you may learn that your intended major is actually one you can design, or that you're able to easily start your own club.

10. To say thanks. After interviewing with an admissions counselor, always follow up with an email, and consider referencing something about the conversation that got you excited. We love hearing that you're more into our school after speaking one-on-one with us!

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