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What Saints Love About Siena's Library

Posted By Donna Murphy | March 18, 2016

Wherever you choose to attend college, you'll no doubt spend a lot of your time in the library. That's why it's a prime spot to remember on campus visits, and something you should ask students about whenever you have the chance. What you're looking for: great work spaces, nice views, long hours and let's be honest...cozy couches don't hurt! Here's what a few Siena students love about Standish Library

What Saints love about Standish Library"My favorite spot is probably the Million Dollar View* on the main level. The couches are really comfortable and allow for a lot of group work, the view itself is beautiful when it's sunny and if you look closely, the plaque in front of the window has some very interesting names on it." - Andrew LaGreca '16
"My favorite spot to study in the library is on the main floor at one of the tables. I usually have a couple friends with me, and we all share a table to do work and projects. I love that the library is open until 1 a.m., because I am usually in there until very late anyway." - Elizabeth Farah '16
"I love using the study rooms throughout the library! They're awesome for spreading out and are great meeting places for a group study session. They're super quiet and the white boards in them are a good study tool!" - Taylor Fadrowski '17
"Favorite thing about the library: the small private rooms on each floor. These are great for group projects or just to have a quiet place to study with friends." - Firmin Alexander '16

"My favorite spot to study in the library is on the main floor at a four-person table with my friends, so we can catch up and occasionally crack a joke while also being together getting our work done! I am grateful that the library provides such an easy way of printing, copying, scanning and obtaining books (that may not even be available at Siena) through the InterLibrary Loan service and ConnectNY." - Valerie Zeffiro '16

"I love studying by the windows and watching the baseball team play!" - Jamie Horrigan '16

"My favorite place to study is on the upper level (also the quiet floor) on the couches that look out onto the quad. I like this spot because the couches are comfy, when the sun hits them they become toasty warm and when I need a study break I can look out onto the quad and enjoy what it has to offer, like the people-watching or the sunset." - Emily Whitcomb '18

 *Fun fact: The Million Dollar View overlooks the baseball field, which is why the window is made of shatterproof glass. It was a Senior Class Gift in 1998! Want to come see it in person? Visit us soon. 

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