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What To Do When You Can't Decide Where To Enroll 

Posted By Katie Szalda | March 15, 2017

Have you received multiple acceptance letters? Well first off, congrats! But now you may be facing an even more challenging question: Which school do I choose? Assuming you applied to colleges you want to attend, the decision might be harder than you expected. Here are five ways to help you narrow down your list and make your final decision.where-to-enroll-1.jpg

1. Compare stats. Make a list of different factors like freshman retention rates (the percentage of students who return after their first year), graduation rates and average salary of young alumni. Also be sure to compare the financial award packages you were offered, since that alone might make it or break it for you. Which schools top the list?  

2. Trust your gut. A school may have chosen you, but now you'll decide if you want to choose them. Go back to your original preference list. Did you want a suburban campus over a big city? Near or far from home? Small classes instead of lectures? Consider picking the school that hits as many of the categories you initially wanted out of your college experience. 

3. Talk to your family. Your family knows you best, and they've probably been around for most of the college process thus far. Let them put in their two cents (even if you don't take it) and hopefully they help push you in one direction. Maybe they'll remind you of something specific about a school, something you may have forgotten you liked or disliked.

4. Revisit campuses as an accepted student. Even if you've seen the college before, revisiting as an accepted student is an entirely new experience. Now you are free to wander the campus without the extra weight of waiting to hear if you're in, since the school officially wants you! Talk to students and ask them why they're happy with their decision. What do you think? Can you imagine yourself living there? 

5. Connect with admissions teams. Curious if any of your high school credits could fast-track your graduation timeline? Or maybe you just want to know what kind of student really thrives there. Don't be afraid to check in with the admissions teams to ask any last-minute questions you may still have about their school.

After a thorough selection process, if Siena's the place you choose, here's your next step below. We'd love to have you in the Class of 2021!

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