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7 Reasons to Not Attend Siena College

Posted By Donna Murphy | April 1, 2016

As Decision Day approaches, everything seniors read this time of year is about why you should attend this college or that college. Today, we thought we'd change things up. Here are seven reasons you should not attend Siena College. (And p.s., happy April Fools' Day...)

1. There's always snow on the ground.

The truth: This past winter was the warmest we've seen in decades. On Christmas Eve, it reached 72 degrees. But snow bunnies, fear not: we still went skiing. Thanks, snow machines!

2. Everyone is so unapproachable.


The truth: Uh, negative. Everyone from our professors to our friars to our admissions counselors, students and more are some of the nicest people around. Come visit, and see for yourself. 

3. You won't get a job after graduation.


The truth: Not only do our grads land jobs at places like ESPN, Goldman Sachs and the U.S. House of Representatives and go on to study at schools like Harvard Law School, they rank in the top 20% of average earners for graduates of 53 upstate NY colleges. Ch-ching.

4. We're a pretty lazy bunch.


The truth: Saints participate in Division I sports, intramural sports, 80+ clubs and organizations, service and study abroad trips, pickup games on the quad, impromptu acts of kindness, you know, everything under the sun.

5. We're super high-strung.


The truth: Actually, our students are incredibly chill people. When they're not go-go-go, Saints love just kicking back and hanging out. And Netflixing.

6. We're in the middle of nowhere.


The truth: The Capital Region of New York is nationally recognized as one of the best markets for job growth and creation. Technology, education, government, healthcare, startups and so on—this is the place to be. There's also A LOT to do for fun. Watch this.

7. Hands-on experience is nonexistent.


The truth: Outside of the classroom, our students intern, work on projects in our 20 centers and institutes, volunteer and perform research. As early as freshman year, you'll have the kind of experience employers love hearing about in interviews. 

All that said, you may find yourself realizing that Siena is where you belong. And if that's the case, we encourage you to visit, or if you were already accepted...

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