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Ned Jones

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Why you should want small classes

Posted By Ned Jones | August 25, 2015

"You'll get hands-on experience in small classes..." "You'll be taught by world-class faculty in small classes..." "You'll love our small classes..." If you couldn't already tell, small classes are a BIG thing for college admissions counselors to promote to prospective students. We've been asked a few times why small classes are so important, often by people who like the idea of meeting a lot of new people. 

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What does test-optional really mean?

Posted By Ned Jones | June 26, 2015

For Siena College, high-achieving students who will have a positive impact on their college and are determined to succeed in life after graduation are who we look for during the admissions process—not someone with a certain SAT or ACT score. We understand that a number can't define you, so, like hundreds of other colleges, we're adopting a test-optional policy starting fall 2016. Know what that means?

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Fast facts about our School of Science

Posted By Ned Jones | May 15, 2015

If you've done your research on Siena, you might already know that our School of Science provides students with a strong foundation in the scientific method, theory, applicability and laboratory practice—taught by a community of professionals who share unparalleled passion for the field. If not, we're here to tell you all you need to know about the School of Science in one, fact-filled post. Read on.

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Wait-listed? Here's what you can do

Posted By Ned Jones | April 13, 2015

If you just found out that you were put on the waitlist at your top choice college, don't be disappointed. Contrary to what you may think, being wait-listed isn't the end of the line. At Siena, we certainly don't consider it a closed book. In fact, we think you should see it as another opportunity to show your full potential to the Admissions committee. We want to hear from you! Take a look at these tips.

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Fast facts about our School of Business

Posted By Ned Jones | March 23, 2015

If you're considering studying business in college, you've probably pored over websites looking for the perfect school. Maybe, at this point, you've even been accepted to Siena and you just need a quick refresher on what we have to offer. To save you time, here's a list of fast facts about our School of Business—and why it's one of the most ideal places in upstate New York to pursue a business degree.

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Four things to consider when choosing a major

Posted By Ned Jones | October 23, 2014

If you’ve been following our blog since the beginning, you know that Siena College wholeheartedly welcomes undeclared students. But for those of you who would rather enter college with an intended major or area of interest (or, if you’re at that point in college when it’s time to declare one, and you happen to be reading our blog), this post is for you. As you zero in on a concentration, keep these considerations in mind—to both help you decide and help you stress less about your choice.

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Liberal arts is the way to go

Posted By Ned Jones | October 1, 2014

As you continue to research which colleges will best prepare you for a successful career, or as you deliberate majors, you might come across people or articles online who will try to derail you from choosing a path in the liberal arts. The collective advice from my knowledgeable team at Siena College, from employers we know and from graduates themselves is this: don’t listen to them.

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How to prepare for the SAT

Posted By Ned Jones | September 18, 2014

October is right around the corner, which for high school students means one thing: the SATs are fast approaching. On October 11, thousands of students will be sitting down to take the SAT or one of the many SAT Subject Tests. If you’re reading this, you’re one of them—and you’re in search of a few helpful hints to prepare as best you can. So that’s exactly what we have here: our favorite tips from the College Board, reprinted with permission. (After you read them, be sure to download our SAT checklist.)

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