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Should You Apply To ONE More College? How To Decide

Posted By Jim Eaton | March 9, 2016

Once you've submitted applications for all the colleges on your list, like many students, you may find yourself wondering: "Should I apply to just ONE more? Just in case?" The common recommendation is to apply to five to eight colleges, but if that question is on your mind, it can be tough to abide by that rule of thumb. Here's how to decide. 


...You recently visited somewhere you applied to, and you discovered you didn't love it as much as you thought you would. Or on the flip side, you made a last-minute visit to a college you didn't apply to and absolutely loved the feeling you got as you walked around the campus. If either of those sound familiar, it wouldn't hurt to submit one more application. (Especially in the latter scenario; visits are the best way to determine if a school is right for you.) 

Apply_Image.jpg...You didn't apply to a school you actually like, for reasons that don't seem all that important now. For example, if you've always loved the college in your hometown but felt like you were supposed to go far away, just apply to it! Cross that bridge when you receive an acceptance. No regrets.

...That one more school you're considering has an easy enough application that won't stress you out. (For instance, it allows you to submit a graded paper instead of an original essay.)

...You're not feeling pumped for college. Moving on from high school can be a scary thing to think about, for sure, but the search process for the right school should at least be exciting, too. If you don't think you found "the one," have a last-minute chat with your school counselor and come up with a game plan you can quickly act on. 


...You're feeling good about your list, you've applied to at least five colleges and you can honestly tell yourself you'd be thrilled to get accepted to any of them. And, most importantly, you'd be happy to enroll at one of them. If that's the case, close up your computer and relax. You'll have more decisions to make soon enough, when the acceptances roll in!

Haven't yet applied to Siena, but feeling like you really want to? There's still time!

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