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10 Links to Bookmark Before Siena's Application Goes Live on August 1

Posted By Donna Murphy | July 25, 2016

Think you belong in Siena's Class of 2021? Starting August 1, you'll be able to apply through our Fast-Forward application or the Common App. In the meantime, here's a roundup of where to find tips and information for nearly every aspect of the application process. Good luck!Application-Opens_Post.jpg1. Our Essay Reference Guide. This two-page tip sheet includes do's and don'ts, a last-minute checklist, a link to three essays that worked and lots more. Download it now for free

2. Quick tips for breaking writer's block. If you're stuck on the intro, conclusion or somewhere in between, here are a few suggestions to get back in the groove from people who write for a living or have to write a lot at their jobs. (Also something to consider: our essay is now optional. Ask us for more details.)

3. Info on submitting a graded paper. Would you rather show off a fantastic paper you already wrote in high school, instead of typing up a new, original essay? You can do that on Siena's app. Read about that option here. 

4. Interview advice. Whether you requested a one-on-one chat or got called in to meet with an admissions counselor, you'll want to refer to these five tips to ensure a great interview (you may be surprised by #3!). 

5. Seven things to consider when picking a major. Should you get hung up on that "intended major" part of college applications, turn to this list of seven things to consider; one of them being you don't have to choose one yet!

6. Details on our test-optional policy. In case you don't already know, Siena may not require an SAT or ACT score with your application. Read more about what that means in this blog post.

7. General words of wisdom on senior year. We gathered tips and ideas from education consultants, CEOs, authors and more regarding senior year and how to stay focused on the big picture. See what they had to say.

8. Even more resources. Last year, we found a bunch of tweets that linked off to great application advice, and we think they're still worth looking at. From SAT prep to extracurriculars, they cover a lot of ground. See them here. 

9. Our contact information. In addition to knowing a lot about Siena, everyone on our admissions team is incredibly friendly. If you have any questions about our application or Siena in general, go here for our contact info or click the button below.

10. How to stay calm during the college application process. Simple as that. Check out this blog post now.

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