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Five Big Ways To Save Money For College

Posted By Robin Wojcik | May 16, 2016 Save money for college

Before you start (or continue) reading about the cost of attending college, remember this: the sticker price you see published on college websites is typically higher than what you'll end up paying after financial aid is considered. That said, it never hurts to start saving and earning money for college no matter where you are in the process.

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Ten Scholarships You Can Still Apply For

Posted By Robin Wojcik | February 23, 2016 Ten Scholarships You Can Still Apply For

Whether you represent a particular geographic region, are involved in an inspiring cause or tower over your friends in height, we've compiled a list of ten scholarships you may have never heard of, but are totally eligible for. And if you start now, you'll still have plenty of time to apply before the deadlines.

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Ch-Ching! Siena Is ranked a '2016 Best College Value'

Posted By Robin Wojcik | January 15, 2016

Hot off the press! Kiplinger's Personal Finance released their list of the top 300 best college values of 2016. Siena College holds a spot, of course, but what's even better: Kiplinger's also ranked the top 100 in three categories including private liberal arts colleges. Yours truly is on that list, too, and although we're not really surprised, we're still delighted to be there.

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Let's Chat Financial aid -- Tomorrow, Dec. 8

Posted By Donna Murphy | December 7, 2015

Not too long ago (for some of us!), we were in the same shoes as you: excited at the thought of attending a private college, but having our daydreams often interrupted by that whole tuition thing. Guess what we eventually discovered? 

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How to earn extra cash this summer

Posted By Katie Cooney Lesko | May 25, 2015

As soon as high school lets out, you'll have so much more free time to do whatever you want—and you should relax! But if college is in your future, it's smart to use at least part of that time making money that you could use on books, housing, fall clothes and so on. Plus, being productive and working towards a goal can never hurt your resume. 

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Don’t miss our Financial Aid live chat

Posted By Robin Wojcik | December 1, 2014 Siena Live Chat

If you’re interested in Siena College but are concerned about cost, our financial aid staff wants you to know this: we’re committed to making Siena affordable and are here to help you and your family through the financial aid process. We invite you to sign up for a live video chat about making college affordable and financial aid on December 10 here

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