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When it comes to finding a job, the Capital Region is the place to be

Posted By Ken Jubie | December 30, 2014

Here’s something to add to your criteria list as you narrow down your college selections: look in areas brimming with job opportunities. If you decide to stay put after graduation, you’ll want to know that job openings are plentiful, that the economy is healthy and that there’s a breadth of positions available. If Siena College is on your list, smart decision. Three reasons why… 

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10 Movies Filmed in the Capital Region

Posted By Allison Turcio | December 22, 2014

When it’s a little too chilly to hang outside, Siena students cluster together in the dorms and watch movie after movie on Netflix. We’re like one big cozy family that sometimes wants to pretend we’re back in grade school, that classes are cancelled because we’re snowed in and there’s nothing better to do than relax. (Actually, that does happen.) And in honor of the season and the dropping temps outdoors, we thought we’d talk cinema today. Here are 10 flicks that were actually filmed right here in the Capital Region.

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Five best things about fall in upstate New York

Posted By Allison Turcio | October 31, 2014

College students in Florida are usually described as studying in a vacation spot. But if you ask any student in the Northeast what it’s like to live and go to school up here, they’ll tell you they love their four seasons. How could you not? In the fall in particular, Upstate New York is a destination for those who want to marvel at fall foliage and enjoy fun autumnal activities. For Siena students, this is part of life during the fall semester. Here are five of our favorite things to do around here this time of year.

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Did you miss the live chats with our deans?

Posted By Donna Murphy | October 29, 2014

This past month, the deans of our three schools stepped up to the mic and hosted live chats with current students and alums to answer questions from prospective students like you. They responded to all kinds of digitally submitted inquiries, like… “Is there a class size cap and are classes taught by professors or TAs?” “What do you do if you know what profession in science you want, but you’re not exactly strong in science?”  “How are advisors assigned and do students generally keep them for all four years?”

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15 places you can walk to from Siena

Posted By Colin O’Reilly | October 21, 2014

Remember when we gave you five things to look for when visiting a campus? Number 4 asked “what’s within walking distance?” It’s something you should absolutely think about as you research colleges because you’ll want to enjoy time off campus with your friends—without always having to fork over gas or cab money. Plus, having a pharmacy and other convenience stores right around the corner makes life a lot easier.

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