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Paul Acosta

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Last Chance to Apply to Siena Is March 15

Posted By Paul Acosta | March 6, 2017 last-chance-apply-preview.jpg

Looking at your list of schools you've applied to and thinking you'd like to add one more? If you've been considering Siena, now's the time to submit your application—our regular admissions deadline is right around the corner on March 15. Check out these quick tips to get a quality application in on time.

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Design Your Own Major At Siena: How It Works

Posted By Paul Acosta | January 19, 2017 design-your-major-preview.jpg

Were you considering applying to Siena, but then didn’t see a major that appealed to you? Wait, don’t cross us off your list! With our Student Designed Interdisciplinary Major (SDIM), you could potentially have the opportunity to create your own plan of study and earn a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (with a specific concentration noted on your transcript). Here's how it works.

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College Admissions Tips From All Walks Of Life

Posted By Paul Acosta | November 16, 2016 Admission_Tips-Preview.jpg

One quick look at this long list of blog post titles and it's easy to see that we love dispensing college advice, straight from our admissions team. But every now and then, we like to branch out of Siena and tap other admissions consultants, college counselors and others for their best admissions tips to share with you. Here's our latest roundup (including advice from a Shark Tank contestant!).

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Inside Look: What Does the Close Knit Community Do?

Posted By Paul Acosta | October 28, 2016 Close-Knit-Preview.jpg

The Close Knit Community at Siena College is a tight bunch for sure, but the group's name means more than that: think backstitching, casting on and binding off. When the crafty members comes together—they try to meet once a week on Tuesdays—there's plenty of yarn to go around. 

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See Three College Application Essays That Worked

Posted By Paul Acosta | June 21, 2016 Three college application essays that worked

"When I was five years old..." "My lifelong dream has always been..." "Once upon a time..." Can't get past the first sentence on your college application essay? Or, perhaps you're midway through when the pangs of writer's block are starting to creep in. Before all creativity and motivation have completely left the building, how about some inspiration? 

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Inside Look: What Does the FeelGood Club Do?

Posted By Paul Acosta | January 19, 2016

Two words: grilled cheese. If pairing that classic, oh-so-comforting, ooey, gooey sandwich with the idea of ending world hunger, while spending time with like-minded friends, all sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread to you (we had to)...allow us to introduce the FeelGood Club.

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INSIDE LOOK: What Does The Outing Club Do?

Posted By Paul Acosta | December 3, 2015

Siena offers more than 70 clubs and organizations for students to get involved in, and every single one is pretty awesome. To introduce you to some of our most popular, unique and just plain cool offerings, we're launching a new series here on our blog, Inside Look. The best part is you'll get to know more about the clubs, their missions and activities from their members' points of view. First up, Outing Club. 

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This is How Saints Celebrate Thanksgiving

Posted By Paul Acosta | November 24, 2015

There's no question that this time of year is about much more than just turkey trots, football games, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie (although how amazing is the one in this pic?). It's about showing appreciation for all the good things in your life, as well as about serving those who are lonely or less fortunate. What's it like to be at Siena around Thanksgiving time?

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10 must-know tips for attending college fairs

Posted By Paul Acosta | October 7, 2015

It's college fair time! If the thought of talking to college reps face-to-face makes you uneasy, relax. College fairs are fun, low-pressure environments to learn more about the schools you may have never imagined for yourself—and to get more info on the ones that top your list. To make the most of your college fair experience, follow these tips.

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