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5 of Siena's Most Unique Course Offerings

Posted By Jim Eaton | April 25, 2016 Unique course offerings at Siena

One of the things our students love best about our course offerings (aside from all classes being faculty-taught; no T.A.s here!) is that in addition to all the staples they'd expect to find in their majors, there are a bunch of interesting classes and seminars that are unique to Siena.

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Q&A with Professor Snyder On Hip-Hop Week And More

Posted By Allison Turcio | April 1, 2016 rsz_img_0449_1.jpg

With next week being Hip-Hop Week at Siena, it was only right to interview Professor Todd Snyder for part two of our faculty Q&A series. Originally from West Virginia, the often-raved-about English professor has been with Siena since 2011—and is the man behind one of our most popular courses, "Rhetoric(s) of Hip-Hop Culture."

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What Saints Love About Siena's Library

Posted By Donna Murphy | March 18, 2016 What Saints love about Standish Library

Wherever you choose to attend college, you'll no doubt spend a lot of your time in the library. That's why it's a prime spot to remember on campus visits, and something you should ask students about whenever you have the chance. What you're looking for: great work spaces, nice views, long hours and let's be honest...cozy couches don't hurt! Here's what a few Siena students love about Standish Library

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Why you should study what you love

Posted By Ned Jones | February 10, 2016 Study what you love

Valentine's Day might have you thinking about who you love, but now is also a great time to think about what you love—and what it is you might want to study in college. Whether your passion is in science, economics, English or history, we're here to tell you that choosing to study something you love can be your smartest career choice.

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10 Things Your School Counselor Can Help You With

Posted By Jim Eaton | December 14, 2015 10 things your guidance counselor can help you with

With access to your grades, your classes and your extracurriculars, your school counselor can and should play a big role when it comes to finding the right college for you. If you need help with any of these ten college search steps, all you have to do is ask!

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Fast facts about our School of Liberal Arts

Posted By Allison Turcio | April 17, 2015

Did you know that one-third of Fortune 1000 CEOs have Liberal Arts degrees? Whether you're a potential applicant or a soon-to-be Saint, at Siena's School of Liberal Arts—the largest and most diverse of the College's three schools—you'll become the type of well-rounded learner that could go on to become an account manager at Google, a chef/restaurant owner, production coordinator at MTV or the CEO of Dish network (just to name a few of your options). If you think our School of Liberal Arts is where you belong, here are a few random fast facts you might like to know.

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