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50 thoughtfully chosen adjectives to describe Siena students

Posted By Donna Murphy | September 3, 2015

There's one question we get asked often that is both easy and difficult to answer: "What are the students like?" Easy, because Siena students really do have so many things in common. Difficult, because we've got a pretty diverse group of students here. That being said, we drew up a list of 50 very carefully chosen adjectives to describe Saints.

If a handful of these describe you, too, perhaps it's time you visit (if you haven't already). Here we go, in no particular order:

Curious, GoodheartedReal, Intelligent, Quick-witted, Thankful, Honest, Helpful, Eager, Cooperative, Bright,

Concerned, Academic, Adventurous, Self-aware, Brave, Detailed, Loyal, Friendly, Creative, Fun, Wise,

Open-minded, Realistic, Spiritual, Reasonable, Decent, Intellectual, Grounded, Thoughtful, Modest, Healthy,

Trustworthy, Sensitive, Practical, Deliberate, Happy, Mature, Perceptive, Sincere, Principled, Spontaneous

ReflectivePatient, Talented, Reliable, Surprising, Laid-back, Giving, Resilient

Why would we say Siena students are deliberate? What are we concerned about? What makes us so honest? You'll just have to ask us. We're happy to elaborate. (Add "proud" to that list...)

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